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An Eco-friendly Fashion Trend for the Summer of 2018 - Bamboo Sunglasses

March 31, 2018 2 Comments

An Eco-friendly Fashion Trend for the Summer of 2018 - Bamboo Sunglasses

If you know our zero waste shop One Planet Zero, you know we like to talk about bamboo a lot. In fact, it's most likely our favorite material. It's durable, biodegradable, sustainable and natural. So it's a very nice way to replace plastic whenever possible, for example bamboo straws, bamboo coffee cups, bamboo utensils etc.

This year we teamed up with We Wood Wear shop, to create something else. Something different and fashionable. As they like to say at We Wood Wear, we combined style and fashion with environmental awareness. The product is called Bamboo Sunglasses.

Bamboo Sunglasses

How can bamboo sunglasses help reduce plastic pollution?

Each year humans throw away millions of sunglasses, without even thinking what kind of impact this will have on our environment. Since most of these products are made of plastic and most of them don't get recycled, that contributes to a lot of waste in our landfills or oceans. Our planet is getting very close to the point, where the amount of plastic in our oceans, will outweigh the fish, so it is up to us, to do whatever we can, to reduce our use of plastic whenever and wherever possible. 

Bamboo SunglassesBack to nature. By We Wood Wear!

Rainbow Bamboo SunglassesOne of the most detailed and sophisticated products from We Wood Wear.

What are the most important advantages of bamboo sunglasses over plastic ones? 

1. Why don't we start with the number one reason you should choose bamboo shades - they look amazing! They look some much better than plastic ones. Get ready to receive some compliments and explain to your friends where you bought them, because we guarantee, everybody will want to know. 
2. If you consider yourself an eco conscious person, this product is a must have. These sunglasses are durable, so they will last a long time. When they finally reach the end of their lifetime, the frames can easily be composted and they will return back to nature, while the rest of the product can be recycled, leaving no plastic waste.
3. Besides being much more durable than plastic frames, these sunglasses are also very lightweight and comfortable, in fact they could be so comfortable, you might not feel you are wearing them. 
4. Sunglasses from We Wood Wear have the highest quality UV400 polarized lenses, that will provide complete protection against sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. 
5. Each pair is carefully handcrafted from sustainably harvested bamboo, to ensure the highest quality.

Bamboo SunglassesThey also come in a nice handmade bamboo case for safe storage.

What about pandas? They need bamboo as well. Did you consider that?

These sunglasses are handmade in the most sustainable way possible, without hurting pandas at all. After all, we are vegan, so we could never do anything to hurt animals, just to make business. We always consider the environment and animals first. Let us explain how it works.
1. Bamboo is a sustainable material, meaning the plant doesn't die after being harvested. Bamboo grows back after being cut. 
2. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It grows about 1 meter per day.
3. Pandas only eat leaves they can reach. Our moso bamboo only grows leaves from 5 meters up. Which means pandas don't eat the bamboo we use.
4. The amount of bamboo we need to make our sunglasses and other products, is relatively small and you should know, our products successfully substitute plastic ones, which means less plastic waste in our landfills and oceans. 

What are some other plastic free options?

We Wood Wear also offer wooden and recycled skateboard sunglasses. What? Recycled skateboard? Yes, that's right. We take old, used skateboards and prevent them from ending up as unnecessary waste and here is the result:

Upcycle old skateboards into sunglasses
Before: Old and damaged skateboards
Recycled Skateboard SunglassesAfter: Stunning sunglasses made from old, repurposed skateboards. 

View the entire selection of skateboard sunglasses here.

We Wood Wear just launched a few months ago, but the many positive reviews on their website clearly show they are headed in the right direction and they are one of the few companies that can prove, there is a way for fashion and environment to work together. So head over to We Wood Wear and get your pair now, because the supplies are limited, the summer is getting close and you don't want to be the only one at the beach, to be wearing plastic sunglasses this summer.



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James Mark
James Mark

October 11, 2018

In summer everyone needs glasses and this modern world person, like to do things according to trend and in this blogs hared a great trend of the glasses which I really like. I will buy some glasses like this for myself after enjoying my

Emily Clark
Emily Clark

August 24, 2018

All sunglasses are looking great. and the important things is that I always like to wear eco-friendly sunglasses. I have some few collections from the Shade Tree Sunglasses store. It provides amazing products.

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