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Disposable Biodegradable Bamboo Leaf Square Plate - 50pcs


These biodegradable plates made of bamboo leaves, are the right choice for your next birthday party, wedding or picnic.

We do not encourage the use of disposable products, but we do understand, that disposable tableware can be very convenient at picnics or other sort of events. If you're planning an event and need disposable tableware, you should think about the environment first. Plastic disposable plates are usually used for a few minutes, before becoming garbage and sitting in our landfills forever. That's why you should consider disposable tableware made of bamboo - one of the most sustainable materials, instead of plastic.

These bamboo leafware square plates can be used for serving main dishes, salads, desserts... They are much thicker than plastic plates, so you will not burn your hands when carrying hot meals inside. The plates are very durable and much stronger than plastic or styrofoam plates, which means, they can be reused several times. Wash them with warm water and they are ready to be used again. Once the party is over, you can throw them in the green bin or compost them. They will return back to nature within a few months, without causing any harm to the environment.

  • size: 9cm x 9cm
  • quantity: 50pcs
  • features: eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable
  • material: bamboo leaves
  • microwave safe

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