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Eco-friendly High Quality Stainless Steel Lunch Box Food Container - Leak-Proof and Airtight


Finally a lunch box that's environment-friendly. Made of food grade stainless steel, contains no plastic, is BPA-free and completely recyclable. Not that you would ever need to recycle it though. It's strong and durable, so we are sure it will last a lifetime.

You can now prepare a delicious meal at home and take it with you anywhere you go, whether it's work, road trip, camping... It's a two-layer lunch box, which makes it easy to separate your salad from your main dish. The airtight and leak-proof lid, will keep the content safe and fresh and you will never need to worry about spilling something all over your car seat, or inside your backpack. It can be used in the fridge and freezer, so you can easily store your food leftovers for the next day.

Keep our eco-friendly food container in your car and avoid disposable takeaway containers for leftover food at restaurants, or whenever ordering food to go.

  • capacity: 800ml, 100ml, 1300ml
  • dishwasher safe
  • food grade stainless steel
  • keeps food fresh and warm
  • not to be used in a microwave oven

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